One Ring, Four Ways

one ring four waysWith wedding season swiftly approaching, I’m sure there is a bride or two that could use a bit of inspiration.  One of the most important and challenging decisions to be made before the big day is the selection of a wedding band.  With so many wedding band styles to choose from and so many ways to express your personal style, I thought I would show a few examples of just how adventurous you can be.

Lets start with the engagement ring that is the center of all this attention.  I have chosen a simple and beautiful diamond accented engagement ring that is currently sitting pretty in our counters.  It is set with a 1.00ct round brilliant cut diamond in the center and is accented by shared claw set, round brilliant cut diamonds down the shoulders.  A timeless ring that is just perfect for my example.

Top left, I have paired the engagement ring with a shared claw, diamond eternity band that matches the engagement ring in terms of setting (shared claw) but is different in terms of diamond size.  We have increased the size of the diamonds to maximize sparkle for the girl who is not afraid to shine.  It’s not the cookie cutter match, but it looks fantastic!

Top right, is one of our most pinned on Pinterest and most adored diamond wedding bands to date.  It consists of delicate, diamond encrusted pod shapes that extend around the bands entirety.  This pairing is ultra feminine and lends to more of an antique styling that is so popular today.

Bottom left is for the daring and for the girl who likes to make a statement.  It takes the tri-color trend to a new level by incorporating yellow, white and rose gold into one gorgeous set.  One diamond eternity band is crafted in yellow gold and the other is crafted in rose.  The contrast is beautiful and unexpected and just might be my favorite!

Bottom right is the classic match in all shapes and sizes.  The diamond size in the engagement ring is reflected in the wedding band and the two rings fit together like a glove.  It’s traditional and classic, and there’s never anything wrong with that.

Whichever route you choose, I hope this ring shown four ways, will inspire you to think outside of the box and to try new things.  It’s a great example of how you can express your true, individual style through jewellery and how you are never limited with the options at your fingertips.


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Linear Love

Linear LoveAt last, a little attention to all those men out there looking for the perfect band to show their commitment.  Or, perhaps more appropriate, a post for all the bride-to-be’s looking to give their men some direction?!  In any event, I thought it was time to show our male clientele some love and share some stand out options in our men’s wedding band selection.

Gone are the days where you would only find a handful of options for mens wedding bands.  As expressing individual style through jewellery is becoming increasingly more important for men, so is the importance of offering a wide selection of bands for them to choose.  These three bands are only a glimpse of what we have to offer but I chose them because they each have a commonality and popular design element to them.

Linear angles, hard edges, and stainless steel finishes are all main features among these three white gold bands.  Each with their own pattern but all evoking the same masculine yet unique feel.  The stainless steel finish that has been applied tones down the shine and makes sure no one feels flashy.  For the contemporary man wanting something a little edgy but still a bit classic, the linear love these bands are giving are definitely worth a try.


*all bands are available in 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow or white gold, as well as 19k white gold and Platinum.  bands are custom ordered for each individuals finger size, so as not to break the pattern.  order time is approximately 3 weeks.










Beautiful Brilliance

Spectacular Oval 2Fancy shape diamonds are in full demand this year at Minichiello’s and this stunning, Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is one reason why.  One really big, beautiful and brilliant reason!

There are so many beautiful elements to this ring but my favourite has to be the perfect shape of the oval cut diamond.  It has just the right ratio of length to width, creating a slightly elongated and extremely elegant oval shape.  Also, the arrangement of the many brilliant cut facets across the face of this stone, make it sparkle like no other, flashing light and brilliance in every direction.

The double row, micro pave band is also a great design element as it will help stabilize the weight of the large center stone and keep the ring from spinning and turning on the finger.  Gorgeous and functional, how’s that for a perfect design?!

Let this ring help inspire you to find your perfect fancy.  Now more than ever, we have so many options to choose from.  Whether it be oval, emerald cut, princess or cushion, you will see beautiful brilliance comes in all shapes and sizes!



A Step Ahead

Emerald Cut Double HaloStep cut diamonds are quickly gaining popularity and attention among the many fancy shapes to choose from and this emerald cut diamond is no exception.  It had my heart instantly when I saw it sparkling from within our counters.  A sparkle that only an emerald cut diamond could possess.  That sophisticated brilliance when it catches the light and the elegance you feel when its setting is just right.  I’m an emerald cut girl for life, can’t you tell?!

What I love most about this engagement ring, besides the impressive diamond, is the shape of the double halo surrounding the beautiful center.  The corners are gently squared off to accentuate the shape of the emerald cut diamond, so its uniqueness is not lost among all the pave detail.  And the dainty, pave set band finishes it all off by subtly directing all the attention to exactly where it should be.

It’s a truly impressive ring from start to finish and a truly beautiful example of how lovely step cut diamonds can be!


A Little Unexpected

A Little UnexpectedA little unexpected pairing came together today, in honor of my first few hours back at the office.  With my engagement ring tucked safely away, I thought I would try to put something fun together.  A mix of my round brilliant cut diamond eternity band from my father; my greatest accessory, the white gold rolling ring; and my forever cherished, push present, my diamond and ruby bezel set band.  It’s a pairing that you wouldn’t consider typical or the norm, but I love how all three rings work and complement one another.

It’s an example for those who desire something a little different and a simple reminder to have fun with your pieces.  Keep trying, keep stacking, and keep on searching for that perfect mix.  You would be surprised at how beautiful an unexpected pairing can be.

A Sale for the Spring!

diamond wedding band saleIf you are a loyal client of Minichiello Jewellers you will know that a sale almost never happens. And I mean never! With prices as affordable as ours, we don’t have room for sales or fancy promotions of the like. That is why what I’m sharing with you is big, big news!

With the anticipation of spring and all the new wedding styles we are bringing in, we are offering a one time sale to make room for fresh pieces. All ladies and mens, in stock, Diamond Wedding Bands are 15% off* until the end of March. Choose from a stunning variety of 14k, 18k, and 19k white and yellow gold bands with all types of diamond settings from micro pave, to gypsy, to claw set and channel.

This type of sale does not come around often, so if a wedding is in your future, a special anniversary is on the horizon, or you are just looking to add some more sparkle to your finger, you may want to pop by and check out our beautiful, diamond wedding bands.


*sale includes IN STOCK, ladies and mens DIAMOND wedding bands only; includes free sizing and cleaning; does not apply to special orders or custom design; purchases are final sale; sale ends March 31, 2014.

Custom Bliss

Deena Minichiello:

Another look at what we do best! I wrote this post last year and it pretty much sums up our passion for diamonds and the search for the perfect engagement ring.

Originally posted on The Diamond Diaries - Deena's Picks for What's New and Noteworthy in Jewellery & Design:

loose diamond semi mount Do you know that Minichiello’s is mainly known for our ability to take your jewellery dreams and turn them into reality? We have been specializing in custom design for over 50 years and it’s what we do best. We have the ability to turn any picture, any idea, and any drawing into the most beautiful piece you have seen. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled goldsmiths that specialize in each step of the custom design process. From wax carving, to casting, to setting stones and to finishing, each goldsmith will take the time and concentration to make sure each piece is finished with precision.

We will work with you to choose the perfect diamond, semi precious stone, or precious metal for the design of your choosing. We carry a large inventory of high quality, loose diamonds in varying shapes with the very best cut grades on the…

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Straight from the Heart

valentine heartWith one day left until what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, it leaves me just enough time to post one more lovely gift idea.  And this one is straight from the heart, pun intended :)  It is the most quintessential, the most commonly thought of and most popular shape for Valentine’s Day.  Of course, we are talking about the heart.

No matter how we look at it, diamond heart pendants are still among the most classic and timeless pendants to date.  We have had many styles grace our counters but this particular one definitely stands out from the rest.  Gone is the old fashion, heart cluster design, and instead we see simple lines and sparkling diamonds.  The size and shape of the heart, paired with the perfect angle of suspension, gives it a clean and contemporary feel, making it the perfect addition to any girls jewellery box.  And I should know, as this little beauty can be frequently seen around mine and my best friends neck!

If you are looking to put a smile on your loved ones face, come check out this pendant and many other exciting pieces that have just arrived.  But whatever gift you choose and however you celebrate, I wish you nothing but LOVE on this Valentine’s Day!

A Bar from the Stars

jessica-alba-bar necklaceBar Necklace PostMy next Valentines Day gift idea can be seen on some of the most photographed women in Hollywood.  Everyone from Jessica Alba, to Kim Kardashian, to Drew Barrymore, and Reese, have been spotted wearing this simple, yet special, engraved gold bar necklace.  And we are completely in love with this look too!

Many of these necklaces have been engraved with their children’s names, like Jessica Alba’s whose is shown at top left .  But some have also been engraved with their loved ones name across the front,  for what I think is a truly romantic gesture.  And since Valentines Day is quickly approaching, this gift idea could not go unnoticed.

Available in yellow gold and white gold, they are now in stock at Minichiello’s, however, in limited supply.  But a tip for those who are really sentimental, we can also create this bar necklace using your own gold.  Why not turn a token from your past into something you will cherish forever!?  Whichever route you go and whatever you choose to engrave, this bar from the stars will no doubt be a hit.


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